Our charismatic energy and innate collaborative nature are two of the many reasons top-level wedding planners confidently recommend us to their couples.

One Team to Do it Up Right.

One Destination. One Life Event.


Our top priority will always be making you and your family happy, relaxed, and comfortable. This is based on our core relational values.

We have filmed 100+ weddings since 2016. As a result, we know how to bring out the best in you with empathy, a friendly attitude, and humor.

You may be surprised by how comfortable you feel in our calming presence. And how the results naturally emulate the warmth and human energy of your once-in-a-lifetime event.



- Heidy

“My husband and I needed a little bit of coaching, and he was able to provide that while still making us feel natural, and the outcome of the video was very natural. We felt very comfortable being in front of him.”

Comfortable and Natural

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With that same basis of relational value comes an innate collaborative nature. Our goal for each event is to elevate the entire vendor team, which enables us to work effortlessly with our vendor partners behind the scenes.

Pristine communication, processes, and production will create a seamless experience and inspiring films for you and your favorite people.



- Katy

“Daniel is just an all-around great human. He's fun, funny, and cares about the people he works with and for...and it doesn't go unnoticed.”

Cares About the People He Works With and For

If I could create my own role in the wedding industry, I would be a vibe curator. Similar to a hype man, but solely to elevate the entire event and everyone there.​​​​​​​

As an inherent relater, I am driven by my love of people, and I show that through acts of service. So if someone is ever on the outside, I'm the guy that pulls them in. There's just something in me that wants people to feel seen and connected.​​​​​​​

Weddings are the perfect platform for this.

At weddings, I curate the vibe through deep hugs and intuitive kindness--lifting the mood and helping everyone let their guard down. So you can focus on the joy of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

And so you can immerse yourself in breathtaking, mind-blowing films that transport you back to that joyful feeling every time you press play.

I suppose that means I have carved out my own role after all.


Curator of Wedding Vibes Worldwide



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If I can get on stage and make people laugh, I'm there. And–minus the stage–your wedding is no exception.

I am known to moonlight as a stand-up comic.

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I will likely crack a joke or two to catch your grandma's easiest smile.

I want people to feel joy. Always.

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No matter what city we are in, celebrations show how excited people are to support you. And I am here to support you too.

Celebrations are my favorite part of weddings.

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The people are laid back, and the scenery is epic. Both of which also make great weddings.

I would love to have a second home in Colorado.

04 / 06
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Because of new people and places, traveling for a destination wedding brings vitality to the weekend.

Traveling gives life and energy.

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Being around you and your people brings out the greatness in me too!

The extrovert in me thrives on the energy at your party.

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Features About Daniel


- Allie Barham, Beckon Events

“Daniel combines a really great blend of professionalism & lightheartedness into the day-of experience. He always seems calm & collected enough to authentically connect with the bridal party & family. But also has the perfect amount of discernment to know when to be invisible & reserved throughout the day.”


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